About Us

   Thank you for visiting our www site "Momo's Room". We welcome you with pleasure. We are living with dachshunds in the west of Tokyo in Japan.

   We obtained our first long haired miniature dachshund bitch "Momo" in May 2001. Two years later we obtained our second long haired miniature dachshund bitch "Ringo", and we began to do the showing in November 2003. Since then, we have a happy and delightful time with our dogs and our doggy friends.

   Showing is just our hobby. We enjoy the dog show with our dogs just like people enjoy a fly disc with their companion dogs in the park. Therefore, we only have a small number of dogs since we want to take care of them enough, and they live in the room with us as our family. We shall occasionally breed the litter from DNA tested show stock, just only to obtain our dog.

    We hope you enjoy our www site and our dogs. We are happy if you will come on some other time to see the updated. Thank you again for visiting our www site.

                                      - Sweets Crystals JP -